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How can I stay comfortable?

Asked by laura98 (191points) August 24th, 2014

So I have to take gym this upcoming year of high school. Luckily, at my school it is only required for half a year. However, I was given it second period, which means I have to last the rest of the day for six more periods feeling sweaty and gross.

I also have super curly, frizzy hair and I recently got it cut into a pixie and am growing it out. So it is an awkward, layered, almost bob that is practically impossible to style. So mostly I will just straighten it or give myself beach waves, clipping parts of it back so the front looks as long as the back.

Anyway, I am just searching for some sort of advice on what I can do to keep the sweat and exertion from making my hair a mess and how can I feel clean and comfortable for the rest of the day. I know it really isn’t a big problem, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to how I look.

I’m not vain, I’m just insecure about my appearance and this will just bother me even more if I know I look sweaty and gross. Any help or ideas would be wonderful. Thank you to anyone who answers!

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