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Does anyone know of land in Florida where my dog and I can stay?

Asked by reverend_bongo (10points) August 31st, 2014

I’ve been looking for someone who may have land in Florida available that I and my lazy St. Bernard may squat on. I have an RV, a Harley, and a trike with trailer. Any amenities available such as water, small game, and internet access would be great but can be lived without. Downsizing the vehicles is possible if needed.

I think I could be an asset in survival situations. I have spent a lot of time homeless due to many reasons, mainly money, so I have great skill in urban survival. I have never hunted, but have gathered supplies to do so if need be: snares, fishing, pellet riffle, etc. I also believe that if an urban situation were offered, my RV is not squatting, but it and i would act as security for some type of yard, or establishment.

My main problem now is that I cant stand all day, the V.A. wouldn’t help and Social Security denied me; so I have nowhere to park this RV for any time without some money or being harassed.

I do run a small internet buisiness, as well as sell goods at motorcycle events. It does bring in a little that I may offer as rent or electric, or whatever. Of course, I could also do some duties to compensate, as I did work as a handyman for years. I am currently in Florida just outside Sarasota.

So that’s my situation. If this is read by someone with whom we could help each other, let me know.

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