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Is there any point in divorce where the petitioner is asked to change their mind on continuing with the divorce?

Asked by M1952 (301points) September 1st, 2014 from iPhone

My husband filed for divorce (florida), I am 5 months pregnant, I responded to the petition and agreed with everything he said EXCEPT that our marriage was irretrievably broken (I think that’s the term) I stated I did not agree and that maybe counseling would of helped us and a few minor differences were not cause for divorce. The court sent us paperwork a month ago to go to a class called divorce in a child’s view or something like that, we haven’t gone yet but is this something that will try to persuade him not to continue with the divorce? Or will the judge try to convince him not to divorce? My think is I would at least like to wait until our baby is born because I feel he is being irrational and not thinking properly. Our court date is set for the end of October.

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