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Is it a bad idea to drive yourself to the hospital while in labor?

Asked by M1952 (301points) September 3rd, 2014 from iPhone

I am 6 months pregnant at the moment, the time is nearing and I am getting so worried, plus my daughter was almost a month early, so I have no idea when I will have this baby, and I have literally one person I can call who is local and would be willing to help drive me to the hospital. My concern is (like my last pregnancy) I will go into labor at 3am and not want to bother my friend at that time. My mother mentioned I should call an ambulance but I have a young daughter and I don’t know how I feel about that, if I drive myself when the labor first starts or shortly after I think I should be ok? I live about 20 minutes from the hospital and my family could be at the hospital within an hour and a half of me letting them know it’s starting.

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