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What is the strangest experience you have had whilst visiting?

Asked by LornaLove (9926points) November 14th, 2014

I once visited a neighbor with a few other neighbors and we were all sitting around the coffee table, which had a few snacks on it. There was a jug of juice, some snacks, crisps and in the middle a pretty water feature with pebbles running alongside it for decoration.

One of the neighbors, whom we had considered sane until that point, picked up a pebble from the grubby water feature and began to suck it? No, she was not senile. She was in her late 30’s. The host told her it was a pebble and she remarked that she knew that and continued to suck it?

Sometimes visits can be creepy, I’d love to hear your scariest, oddest creepiest visit story ever!

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