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How do I give someone an anonymous gift?

Asked by limeaide (1921points) December 19th, 2014

I’d like to give someone a new pair of glasses. I assume they’d need to get a new prescription. I’d like to get them a pair of glasses off of one of the cheap eye glass places on the Internet. I’m not rich but I’d like to do this because the person wears a pair of broken glasses now and I would be able to afford the eye exam and cheap eyeglass internet site.

Other considerations:
I was trying to avoid letting them know it’s me, it would be nice to do anonymously. I also don’t want to embarrass them, which I think this could do anyway. Has anyone done anything like this, any tips? I could potentially give them a gift card for walmart eyeglass store for the eye exam and a gift card to zenni optical to pick out a pair for themselves. Thoughts?

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