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How do you deal with "the unexplained"? (details within, obviously)

Asked by Berserker (33534points) September 26th, 2015

In this situation, precisely;

A) You do not believe in ghosts, spirits, monsters, access fairies and whatnot

B) Something in your environment is frightening you, but you have no idea what it is

Say you always hear noises in your basement, but cannot find what is making them. Or someone calls you on the phone, but they never speak when you greet them. Or you see strange footprints in your yard, and cannot recognize what they belong to.

No need to use any of those examples, but we must assume that what worries or frightens you has at least one tangible element.

How do you deal with it? Try to find out what it is? Ignore it? Look up online or ask on Fluther, with as many details as possible? What do you assume? For those of you who believe in the supernatural, this question does not exclude you; how do you react, what do you do?

And has something like this ever happened to you? Share the story?

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