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"Spontaneity trumps formality": now a loaded slogan?

Asked by Jeruba (51709points) March 1st, 2016

I’m a long-time customer of Bank of the West in California. The branch I visit has promotional posters displayed in the lobby. One of them says this:

“Spontaneity trumps formality in the West.”

It’s part of a series linking the popular historic idea of the American West with the customer-facing image of the bank.

I’m not sure when they put the poster up, but it’s been there for some time. Months. They might have displayed it just as part of an institutional series, with no special significance or political intent whatsoever.

But even if they didn’t put it up with politics in mind, they haven’t taken it down.

Can anyone in the U.S. read it now without a thought of a political meaning? Can any such use of the word “trump” be seen and heard innocently any more?

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