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Have you ever had a really good friendship that ruined you for future friendships?

Asked by cookieman (39253points) June 18th, 2016 from iPhone

For about seventeen years (starting sophomore year in high school) I had a really good friend whom I totally clicked with. We had many things in common, shared a sense of humor, and had a similar world-view. We also had the best conversations and would challenge each other intellectually. He was rat-a-tat smart too, which I love in a person. We also shared a group of friends and were each other’s best man at our weddings.

Finally, after a failed marriage, he pulled away from everyone and I don’t see him anymore.
He pops up on eMail a few times per year, but has no interest in getting together.

It’s been over ten years and I have yet to meet anyone who pushes all those buttons with me.

Has this happened to you? What have you done to cope?

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