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I had a question How do you get a dog to stop destructive chewing on your home when you go out?

Asked by pelongarcia (1points) August 23rd, 2008

I left my house for about 3 hours and when I came back my dog had bit right through the drywall and door frame to the door going outside I had door and frame fixed and he did it again the second time then I put him in my basement thinking he would’nt do it again and he did it to my basement door as well. The one that has really done it it that yesterday I was gone again for about 3–4 hours I put him in a crate in the basement and he got lose he actually flipped he’s crate and found he’s way out. He chewed through all my wood door going up to me kitchen he left nothing but pieces of the wood door on floor it looked like the door had actually been shaved or shredded. I need to get help for Brownie or im going to have to give up my dog I cant afford to keep paying for repairs that Brownie does when home alone. Im a single mother of 4 and I just cant afford it as much as We love our dog I might just have to find him another home.

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