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When you think of the Blues, do you think of Keith Richards or Mick Jagger?

Asked by LadyMarissa (10249points) July 18th, 2019

My husband loved the Blues & I fell in love with it from listening to it with him. After he died, I just continued to listen to it mainly because it reminded me of better days!!! There aren’t any Blues stations in my area so I downloaded some off Amazon & put them on a flash drive that I played in my car. When my car died, I purchased a previously owned Buick that didn’t have an mp3 player but it did come with SiriusFM. I purchased an external mp3 player but I didn’t like the way it worked. Then Sirius offered me a free trial offer & I tried it. I’m loving listening to it & I’m discovering some great music that I would have never heard without it. Two that surprised me were Keith Richards & Mick Jagger. They’re not playing together, but each has put out a Blues number on their own album & both did an excellent job!!! Although I’ve always thought of Eric Clapton as being Bluesy, I never even considered Keith nor Mick as having a Blues bone in their body. Did I miss something or are they shifting their interest into Blues???

Did you ever notice Keith or Mick as leaning toward the Blues…IF so, which songs did you find to be the Blues???

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