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How do i deal with this?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) August 28th, 2008

i was talking to a friend earlier today, and she asks me if i liked her in a special way. i admitted that i did like her, and i got rejected. 10 minutes later i realized that i was using her to mask my feelings for someone else.

30 minutes after i finished talking to girl #1, girl #2, who is an extremely close friend and the girl who i really love and was hiding behind the mask, asks me if i like her. she has a boyfriend who she just got together with. she says that she really loves him and that she really wants to be with him. i admitted that i do like her, and now im not sure how to deal with the fact that she knows i like her (we’re extremely close friends (before the confession)).

im also really depressed that i got rejected twice in half an hour. they both said “theres someone out there for you” but i feel even worse because it feels like they have to prove something that doesnt need proof, which makes it feel that it does need proof. (to summarize: i know i will find someone someday, so why do they need to reassure me).

now i feel like absolute crap and i started school this week and im stressed because of that and this is added to the load. how do i cope?

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