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What is your most recent OR most memorable dream?

Asked by SergeantQueen (9543points) 2 months ago

Like, the dreams that happen when you sleep. Can include nightmares.
I take melatonin, so I get the weirdest dreams. And the most vivid too. I’ve literally woken up thinking something happened and then finding out later in the day that it never happened it was just a dream.
Last night, I dreamed that my parents were replaced by evil versions of themselves and I knew they were fake but no one else believed me. I even called the cops but they thought I was wacko and the only one that believed me was my Criminal Justice teacher (???)
I’ve had other weird dreams and sometimes I feel like when I’m half awake-but still dreaming I can control them. Like I dream while I’m starting to wake up it’s weird.

When I take melatonin I also feel like I remember them more than I do when I don’t take melatonin.

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