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Is my soil sick?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26596points) 3 months ago

I like to mess around in my yard, plant flowers and landscape, most of you know I have a koi pond. Normally this time of year, the whole front of my house would be blooming with tulips, but this year they are scrawny and sickly. At first I thought it was hail damage, but on closer inspection it looks more like a fungal issue. The thing is, i also have 4 trees in my yard that are dying from fire blight. And last year my hollyhocks had terrible rust to the point where they wouldn’t flower or grow correctly. What gives?

I’m not new to keeping up a flowerbed, but this seems extreme to me. Is it possible I got an unhealthy load of mulch or something and contaminated my soil? A few years ago, the neighbor next door had her landscaping completely redone by professionals and I have had a severe problem with aggressive weeds ever since then. I wonder if they dug up some mutant contaminant that blew over into my yard.

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