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When will technology enable one person to create a mainstream movie?

Asked by noitall (159points) September 29th, 2020

This question is for everyone, but answers would be particularly appreciated from people with experience in, or otherwise about making animated or regular movies: How long do you think it will be until a single person, either a screenwriter-director or a novelist, say, will have the ability, technologically, to create a mainstream-quality movie where both the actors AND their voices are solely computer generated exactly to the taste of the (let’s say) novelist, and the result will be a movie where the audience really won’t be able to tell that there were no live actors involved, in motion or voice-generation (nor, of course, as well, as a real background—because that will also be cgi—but that is largely already done already today), in making the film. In other words, the screenwriter/director/novelist will have both thought up the original idea of the movie and created the story and characters all in their mind AND will have made the film expressing this story all by themself. In this future, a “novelist” will not have to limit themself to only describing in words the scene and the characters, how they look and how their voices sound, but will be able to produce a movie, instead of just a novel, all from their own mind (with a help of this computer program, of course). How far into the future, e.g., how many years from now do you think that will be?

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