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What is this small leather Item?

Asked by Jeruba (52042points) 1 month ago

It looks from the outside like a car key case, and I guess it could be used for that, but that’s clearly not its main or only purpose.

It’s soft black leather, stamped LEVENGER. Levenger offers a lot of small leather products, but I can’t spot one like this in its online catalog.

Dimensions, closed (folded over and snapped): 3.5” x 1.5” x about 3/8” thick

Dimensions, open (laid flat): 3.5” x 5.75”; max. thickness under 1/8” (2 thicknesses of leather)

Closing: one snap

Inside features: 3 rows of 3 (= 9) identical little pockets of a size to hold quarters snugly, or quarter-sized tokens (parking meter change? subway tokens? tollbooth change at rates from long, long ago?)

End feature: attached 1 1/8” key ring positioned so that a key could hang out or be tucked inside

Overall look: leather feels nice, worn but intact; brass-colored snap looks well worn and somewhat corroded, as if this were not a recent purchase and had seen a lot of wear

This turned up in a yard-sale-grab-bag-type setting, with no way to check back or trace it.

I volunteered to come up with an identification, and so far I’ve struck out. So, resourceful, witty, and widely knowledgeable Flutherfolk, what is it?

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