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I don't know what to do does he like me more than a friend or as a friend or not even any or maybe I don't interest him anymore?

Asked by alura (3points) September 14th, 2008

I really like a guy for a year now. We’re really good friends and I am really comfortable with him. He is so smart and intelligent and just everything that I’m not? ( I never had a boyfriend and to tell you the truth and I never kissed a guy ever.) Well he is one year younger than me but that doesn’t matter to me because he means so much. Well, I noticed him was when he started to include me in the group and pay more attention to me. Anyways, it all started when my best friend deserted me and told me that her best friend is my brother so I looked all around the room and thats when I saw him and then I said thats he is my best friend. Thats when he started to make me laugh and smile which I started to talk him for the first time ever! After that we started to become really good friends and we talked whenever possible. My friends kept noticing that he keeps looking at me and I even caught him once staring straight at me and I just kept looking at him and it was like for a whole minute until he looked away and so I did eventually. Well, what really pissed me off however was during the summer when we were at a park he said he had a great time with me there and that if he had his cellphone he would give me his number but he promised that he would give me his number when he gets back from his vacation. When he came back he never gave me his number and I thought he had a girlfriend so I avoided him. Well recently I saw him and we started talking again and I told him that I heard that he had a girlfriend and he said that he did not so I was ooh . Finally he gave me his number well I texted him the next day and he texted me like every 30 minutes later.Then he texted me 10 minutes later but it took me like 45 minutes to give him a answer because I really didn’t know what to say and then he never texted back. Well today I texted him to do me a favor because I had to go somewhere but he never said he would or wouldn’t. He also recieved the message because I checked my phone and it was checked that he read it. Should I just give up?

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