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Would you read this book? (details inside).

Asked by KRD (3514points) 1 month ago

There’s a book called “Think Like a Billionaire.” and it was wrote by Trump a while back in the early 2 thousands where he explains how you can be vary wealthy even if you retain only 10% of the knowledge on the pages of the book. I want to hear your thoughts on this book.

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LOL no. Not unless I was stuck someplace dull and that was one of few options for entertainment. Though it might not be the worst thing, since it’s clearly not actually written by the moron whose name is on it.

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That book glows in the dark and should be handled only with tongs.

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I would not read a “think like a billionaire” book, even if it came from an actual billionaire, like Bill Gates, let alone an obvious fraud like the Orangutan, who, let us face it, probably did not write a single word of that book anyway.

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I can only imagine that it encourages the reader to take advantage of less fortunate people in order to get ahead.

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Even if I didn’t know the author, it would still be a hard pass. There are just so many books about getting rich these days, and most books just parrot the same thing over and over. Things like think of yourself like you’re already rich or create a budget. I’m not saying those pieces of advice are useless, it’s just that you only need to read one book to already read the entire library of “getting rich” book. Not to mention so many of those books paint an absurdly unrealistic image of how to be rich. It does nothing but fuel self-help junkies’ imagination addiction and give them a false sense of greatness.

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Trump got rich by working for his rich father and sponging off his deals.
No I would not read that book full of lies.

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I only read a little bit but it seems to talk about restate and investing.

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Real estate and investing are the most effective ways to get rich. The trick is to have enough money to do it. There are many schemes to use OPM (Other People’s Money).

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