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Should there be some kind of rebellion or resistance movement to overthrow the US government to change things for our America and the rest of the world for the better?

Asked by raiden88 (94points) September 29th, 2022

I’m blaming hurricane Ian on global warming and not just mother nature herself. I feel the US government is responsible for everything and it all started at the very beginning of the 21st century. I feel the only way to put a stop to global warming or at least slow it down and help reduce the damage being done is to try a coup d’├ętat. This is not about politics but the way things are right now. I think the only way to stop this in a way other than a coup d’├ętat would be to persuade the scientific community to focus all its energies into developing what is considered to be impossible like either a time travel machine or space colonization.
There was time many thousands of years when people and scientists believed that space exploration would always remain on the pages of science fiction. There are many things that were once science fiction but eventually became a reality and it’s not just space exploration. What other way do you think is there that can help with the global warming situation we’re in right now besides those things? I’m so sick of the media catastrophizing everything in this world about global warming which is a serious problem indeed among other things. If stopping global warming or at least slowing it down to help reduce the damage it’s doing is always gonna be science fiction, we as the human race might just as well finish ourselves off and hope we all die quickly. I really wish the media namely the press would talk about something positive or things that can be done to address these important issues.

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