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Have you ever had this happen when playing Wordle?

Asked by LostInParadise (31905points) June 21st, 2023

I ran into this curious situation where there was more information given by a letter being in a yellow square than if it were in a green one.

I got one green letter and two of the same letter that were both both in yellow squares. This told me that the two yellow letters had to be in the remaining two squares. If one of the yellow squares had been green instead, I would know where the green letter goes, but there would have been two possibilities as to where the other one goes.

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I may have, but I can’t recall it specifically, not with two of the same letter.

It often turns out that the available information tells a lot more than it seems to at a glance. One virtue that Wordle lacks is the ability to place letters in any square, not just left-to-right, and to leave blanks. Building a word that way in a Wordle-clone game (such as WordPlay) can help reveal those patterns and lead to a quicker solution.

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Same letter in two yellow squares? I don’t think I have seen that yet. Played about 57 times now.

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I’ve played nearly 500 games (and 7000 of the practice clone called WordPlay). I doubt that I’d have seen it because the situation you describe means you must have guessed a double letter when you had at most one square filled. I would not have done that without more information, so the setup wouldn’t have been possible.

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@Jeruba , I was not looking for a double letter. I had previously guessed the letter and it showed up in a yellow square. I guessed the two copies of it in the hope that one of them would be green. It seemed rather dramatic that on one guess, with only one green letter, I went from not knowing where any of the letters were to knowing the locations of three of them.

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