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How much do you notice advertisements?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37410points) August 7th, 2023

I was just reading an email I get from a national news source with some news of the day. There were 2 advertisements interspersed as I scrolled down reading the different stories. I realized after I deleted the email that I had no clue what the advertisements were for. I literally didn’t even look at them.

Facebook is full of ads. I look at quite a few of those and click on some, because they are targeted to what I’ve been searching for recently. They also are targeted to me since I’m gay, so they are made to appeal to my demographic. I’m more easily lured into spending time looking at those ads since they’re geared expressly for me.

I don’t watch TV, so I can’t say how many of those ads I would watch. I listen to streaming music from a source I subscribe to, so it’s free of ads.

When I want information about a product, I usually just search for it and read reviews. That search then triggers more ads for that product and rivals to appear on the various sites I visit on the internet.

How much do you pay attention to ads? Do you like it when they mirror your habits and searches online? Are you sometimes surprised by the ads that appear on your internet feeds? Do you click on any ads online to view the products?

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