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How would you handle this annoying coworker?

Asked by jonsblond (43800points) November 9th, 2023 from iPhone

I started a new job at a large hospital almost five months ago. My department consists of ten people who work closely in a confined area for most of the day.

One female coworker who is a few years younger than me is rude to the new people who are close in age. I’m one of them. Everyone else is friendly towards me. This woman talks nonstop to the coworkers who work directly beside her. She never shuts up. It’s very distracting. Half the time she is complaining about never having alone time when she gets home.

Yesterday she said something disgusting. The hospital had a code blue call for the entrance to the ER. These were her words: “They should have come earlier. Or maybe call an ambulance instead of driving yourself.” She laughed when she said this!

This woman makes my day miserable. I’m waiting until my sixth month mark so I can switch departments.

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