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What do I tell a prospective employer why I left my last job?

Asked by Glad2bhear (209points) December 24th, 2023

After over 8 years as a full-time front end cashier for Walmart I was terminated over a shortage at my cash register. They called me into the office at the end of my shift confronting me with the allegation that I took the $41 that was missing from the drawer. So I was terminated.

I’ve never stolen anything in my life and now I’m being called a thief and a liar. Actually I value having a paycheck week after week and month after month and I think anyone who steals from their employer is stupid, but all of that is beside the point right now.

Right now, my question is what am I to say to anyone anywhere as far as why I left my last job. Every new employer is going to ask that – it is a reasonable question.

I’ve been going over this question again and again in my mind and I’m not coming up with any kind of a diplomatic answer. So here I am asking for any potential input.
What say ye?

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