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How important is television and movie watching and streaming to your home life?

Asked by jca2 (16391points) February 3rd, 2024

How important is television watching, movie watching and streaming to your home life?

I will have the TV on during the morning, for news during the week, and maybe on the weekends a few cooking shows. Not to really pay close attention, but it will be background, along with coffee and internet. At night, I’ll watch TV or stream a movie or show, and then I’ll watch the news at 11 and if I am awake, maybe a late night show like Colbert or Fallon.

If something big happens on the news, I’m used to having it available. If there’s an award show or big sports show like the Super Bowl, I may not pay rapt attention but I like that it’s available.

I could live without TV and streaming of course, if I had to, but it’s nice to have and I’m accustomed to having it.

A friend lives very frugally and she and her husband have no TV, no cable, no streaming services. I couldn’t imagine it.

How about you? How important is TV, cable and streaming for you?

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