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Should the Fluther mods be a bit more stringent in policing "tools?"?

Asked by maccmann (659points) September 27th, 2008

There are some people on here who are just Fluthering to mess with us. They don’t give constructive answers and show up in places where they really shouldn’t, giving advice on things they really have no place giving. They are basically serial instigators. (Hell, by posting this I am probably gonna bring the pain…but hey, maybe the “tools” will be toolish enough to not be able to resist the bait and thus get ferreted out! OOPS! Was that out loud?)

Should we request that the Fluther mods begin tossing these people? and then should they do it?

Hey, yeah: it’s a free country (at least if you’re in the USA) and all that, but In Mod We Trust. Shouldn’t they be doing more to get people with “opinions” out and more with “answers” in?

I would like to think that the Fluther community is free from this type of crap that seems to manifest itself everywhere you look on the Web. Shouldn’t it be different and thus better here?

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