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What's the name of this book i loved as a kid?

Asked by unacornea (314points) December 28th, 2008

i can’t remember the name or the author but i remember many many details about the plot, i read it several times as a kid. this was in the mid 80’s. i think i was about nine.

it’s about this girl who keeps having these dreams where she’s moving in slow motion and there are these flashing lights, and then she realizes there’s another kid from her school in the dream, and they start talking to each other about it. the dreams are always in black and white, no color. it turns out it is a memory of a UFO landing they were both at when they were little, and there was a woman there also who was pregnant. now her kid has telekinetic powers and the FBI is after him. the woman’s dog, who was also present at the UFO landing, is sending these dreams to the two kids to try to get help (get it, that’s why they’re in black and white). there’s this really climactic scene where the girl and the little kid are at a fair, running from the FBI, and they get on this ferris wheel and their car breaks and is hanging, and the kid uses his telekinetic power to make it float down to the ground.

if it’s not apparent, i loved this book a lot and i wish i could reread it. i’ve been asking around for a while but i don’t think it was very popular, nobody has heard of it. let me know if you know the name or the author or if you remember reading it.

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