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What are you or have been addicted to?

Asked by cage (3111points) January 23rd, 2009

I used to be addicted to video games, and decided to stop playing for a week, i.e. no contact of any sort with them. I managed to get them out of my system.
I still play, but only recreationally. Yes I play WoW

The other thing’ve been mental over is Kinder Buenos. I used to eat about 6 a day and I HAD to have them.
I don’t know how I stopped that.

People have also called me a sex addict, so far as to go and buy me a book on sex addiction. However I can tell you I’m certainly not. I just enjoy a jolly good rodgering in all shapes and forms.

Anyway, what would you say you are addicted to, or have had a problem with in the past?

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