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Have you ever killed someone?

Asked by girlofscience (7527points) March 3rd, 2009

Most likely, none of you has committed first- or second-degree murder, but maybe some of you have killed someone in a different context.

- Have you caused a car accident that resulted in someone’s death?

- Have you killed an irresponsible pedestrian while driving?

- Have you been in the military and killed anyone in combat?

- Have you killed someone in self defense?

- Have you indirectly caused someone’s death?

If so, how has the act of taking someone’s life affected you? Did it consume you emotionally, and if so, to what degree and for how long? What kind of thoughts occupied your mind regarding the incident? If it was an accident, how much do you hold yourself responsible for the person’s death? If it was purposeful, have you felt regret?

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