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Does IQ matter?

Asked by SherlockPoems (696points) March 28th, 2009

It has been said that the Bell Curve for IQ has shifted 15 points (the standard deviation) to the left. Thus what was 85 (or left of center) is now viewed as 100 (or center). “Intelligence is a very general mental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. It is not merely book learning, a narrow academic skill, or test-taking smarts. Rather, it reflects a broader and deeper capability for comprehending our surroundings—“catching on,” “making sense” of things, or “figuring out” what to do. A high IQ is an advantage in life because virtually all activities require some reasoning and decision-making. Conversely, a low IQ is often a disadvantage, especially in disorganized environments.”

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