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Does my landlord have to fix my door?

Asked by nomtastic (964points) April 27th, 2009

Our apartment building has two front doors. That is, one passes through two locked doors in order to enter the building. Last week, I was unable to leave the building because the inside doorknob was broken. It had been testy for a few weeks, but on that particular day, I could not get out and the knob came off in my hand.

Eventually, I removed the ‘plate’ part of the doorknob apparatus and opened the door from the inside with my screwdriver.

I called my landlord that day (Thursday) and asked him to repair it – he reassured me it would be fixed Friday. I went out of town. I have been gone four days, and today when I came home I found the entire knob gone from the inside door, which was now propped open, with no repairs made.

He will certainly argue that because there is a front door that locks, he doesn’t have to fix the inside door. I disagree, esp. because you can see that it is open from the street, which makes the building less safe.

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