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What's a good name for a startup company resource center?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) November 25th, 2009

I live in a depressed midwest town and a friend has leased a large office building near a major university and is leasing (at very low prices) desks and office space to entrepreneurs and startups. His idea is to create a quasi-incubator for early stage companies. I’m trying to help him think of good names. It would be awesome if we could come up with something somewhat clever that conveys the whole point of the place—that’s a place where people with good business ideas and a willingness to work hard to build a business can come, get some business support, collaborate, feel like they’re part of something bigger, a community, and launch their businesses. It could be a really safe name, like “Startup Resource Center”, but it would be nice to have it be more memorable. Also, since it’s a pretty risk-averse town, would be nice if the name was also sort of a kick in the pants to the stodgy old-way-of-thinking thinkers in town. On the other hand, we don’t want to sound overly ambitious, arrogant, or too obscure either. One idea was “Dark Horse Studios” but that seems maybe a bit too self effacing. The space is on a very high traffic corner, so the thought was to put the name big and bold on a sign, with a safer tagline, like “startup resource center” or something, and if the name lends itself to a clever icon, have a dimensional sign built. So for example, if the name was “Strikestone Studios” (which is lame) we could have a cartoony statue of a fist holding a hammer, striking a stone in half, lit up, sitting on top of the name. Another thought is we try not to be too clever (as in poking the status quo) and just give it a cool name, like a cool bar name, where entrepreneurs may want to gather for education, brownbags, hang out, etc. There’s a bar in Los Angeles called “My Father’s Office”. Maybe something like that. Any creative ideas Flutherites?

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