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Are you familiar with the use of weighted blankets for calming and sensory issues?

Asked by zookeeny (883points) February 9th, 2010

I am currently looking into purchasing one of these for myself. I need deep pressure to calm myself down.

I have always found a heavy weight on top of me has helped me ground myself and reduce my stress reactions. As I work in therapy it is proving quite important that I am able to soothe myself in this way in order to be able to take a break from the stress responses and then regroup myself and continue to function in everyday life and also ultimatly to progress through therapy.

It will be expensive to purchase one thought I am quite confident that it will be a great help to me so I am willing to stretch the budget. I just am trying to gain a better understanding on how deep pressure works to soothe. I would also love to hear any first had knowledge of weighted blankets as a soothing technique.

I am curious to know if anybody has either personal experience of needing deep pressure and weight to calm them. Perhaps you have experience of children with autism and sensory issues who benefit from weighted blankets and or deep pressure on their bodies. Do you know the psychology of why this helps?

Thank you

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