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Would analyzing your enemy's art be useful in modern warfare?

Asked by Dan_DeColumna (2425points) February 17th, 2010

A fictional general I have read about recently had a process of analyzing the art of enemy worlds to determine the societal tendencies and blind spots he would encounter in combat. Would this technique be feasible and/or practical to modern warfare on Earth?

This fictional general‘s process is further explained at Wikipedia:

“He would view the native art of a given species or planet to understand them better as a race or planet, and so too, gain insight into their military style. He believed the study of this art would somehow give him an advantage in battle, since it provided him with information on the psyche of his opponents and informed him of their psychological blind spots. Examples include the invasion of Ukio, where he determined that the defenders had a strong superstitious fear of the unknown and the unexplained. Therefore, his attack with cloaked vessels frightened them into submission when a more adventurous people might have continued to resist.”

Any thoughts on the plausibility of this technique are welcome.

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