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How do I conquer my political phobias and get on with my life?

Asked by ArtiqueFox (974points) February 21st, 2010

I’m your crazy neighbor who subscribes to twenty newspapers and won’t shut up about 2012, RFID chips or the NWO. I’m a [unwilling] patron of conspiracy theory sites.

It’s been a fear with me under the surface for a long time. “What if America falls like Rome?” “What if the United Nations takes over the world?” “What if China gets really powerful and invades? “What if the nice life I know now is replaced by the Apocalypse?” On and on it goes! All this fears of a dark future! All these political fears! I can’t take it anymore! But I find myself drawn to the stuff like a drunk is to liquor. I’m a conspiracy theory addict – one that can’t stop!

It’s not a hobby. It’s an obsession that’s starting to affect my personal life in negative ways. Its hindering my ability to work and create or to be at peace. I keep having this need to get reassurance from my friends and family that none if it will happen. I want to stop these terrifying conspiracy theories from running wild in my brain and life, and I’ve tried everything from meditation to blocking software and nothing is working in the long-term.

Even worse, I’m a highschooler who is about to start her life, and these fears are like mountains that are hindering me in every way! I sometimes wonder if it is worth pursuing my dreams if the future is as dark as the conspiracy theorists say. I know my fears are stupid and mostly irrational, but I always fall back into them. Help?! I really would like to be an optimistic and rational person, but I’m finding myself more of a conspiracy nut everyday!

[Bangs head on wall]. There are so many areas would I could be more productive if it wasn’t for my political phobias. Sorry about the drama. I’m just want to get over this issue already and enjoy life again! Any advice?

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