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Painful fillings after a month, normal? can a composite filling be filled up more?

Asked by kutelilkat (279points) April 8th, 2010

Please read and then help if you can: I just wanted to get others opinion before I bug my dentist more (questions at the bottom)

I just had 8 small and 3 medium cavities filled a month ago ( odd because i brush and floss religiously since I little, I’m 25 now) I dont eat much sugar.

about 4 of the teeth hurt when I bite anything even slightly hard… like chips, popcorn, apple etc… Is this normal?????

the pain was getting less over the weeks, but now seems to be staying the same. I’ve mostly been eating on the side that hurts less. My dentist says to just give it a few months.

Ok here is my question:
I seemed to have already chipped one of my composite fillings (molar) and now it hurts. All I did was eat tortilla chips! Is this normal?

my other questions is:
My dentists didn’t seem to have filled my cavities up enough, they dip way down and dont look really like nice teeth surfaces anymore… more like canals… could this be causing pain and can they be filled up more by just adding more material?

My last question: I had a partial crown done to fix a cavitie that was between two teeth. I can’t seem to pull the floss back up , it gets stuck on the crown edge between the teeth, is this normal? should I just slide it out sideways forever?

I aksed the dentist but he just says it all looks fine and I have to give it time to heal.

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