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A question about tips.

Asked by Zen_Again (9911points) April 27th, 2010

We tip the wrong people. We tip bartenders who stand and pour a beverage. We don’t tip the people who stand behind any other counter (drugstores, grocery stores, or any other stores). We tip the guy who cuts our hair – sometimes after they’ve charged (women) more for their hour’s work than a lawyer would.

We tip the waitstaff – although sometimes it’s deserved and they don’t make much money – but not the person who bags our groceries who also makes minimum wage and works just as hard.

We tip nasty taxi drivers, but not bus drivers or pilots.

We tip the gardener, doorman and even mailman for doing their jobs – but not the teachers responsible for our kids education (and they make less, in many cases, than the former).

Who came up with this tipping thing anyway – and when we look a little closer – how amazingly ridiculous is it?

You check into a hotel. The bags are placed on a trolly and wheeled to your room. The tipping begins. For what?

Agree? Should we start a petition?

Any other examples?

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