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What are some new sandwiches I can try?

Asked by lrk (757points) May 5th, 2010

Due to an accumulation of college meal points I can only use in one location, I have to buy about 22 sandwiches within the next 18 days.

(I don’t have to, but if I don’t do this, they’ll go to waste, and the sandwiches are pretty top-notch.)

I usually only get two types of sandwiches here:
* Cibatta with guacamole and dab of sriacha on one side, and chipotle mayo on the other side
* Mozzarella
* Parmesean
* Spinach
* Tomatoes
Grilled for a few minutes.

* Tomato wrap
* Guacamole
* Cheddar cheese
* Diced Chicken
* Salsa
* Lettuce

I don’t like turkey or olives. The sandwich bar includes most things a sandwich bar should include, including salad dressings. Breads include most normal breads, plus cibatta, focaccia, and wraps.

I’d like to try some new things. Any favorite sandwiches of yours?

Salad recipes are also welcome (I can put most of the ingredients into a salad instead of a sandwich.)

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