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What is your version of a female/male Unicorn?

Asked by Pandora (27816points) May 9th, 2010

My daughters’ gay friend calls her a female Unicorn because she is pretty, intelligent, computer geek and loves anime, gaming and she is really witty. She gets lots of guys interested in her who share her love for computers, games and anime. She is a very social person so even when she finds a guy who is the same, she isn’t interested because they are usually shy except when with her.
Any how, her friend says she is a geeks unicorn because to geeky guys she is a mythical creature.
Guys, what kind of girl would be your Unicorn?
Ladies, what kind of guy would be your Unicorn?
I take it for granted that most want pretty or handsome. I’m asking primarily about personalities you think rare, or interests or both.
(Btw, no offense to geeks. I don’t think being a geek is a bad thing. I’ve been called a geek myself. I think it only describes certain interests, not necessarily who you are.)

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