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What kind of duties should an Intern Trainee expect the company to assign him?

Asked by steve22 (55points) July 13th, 2010

I’m doing an internship for 4 weeks at one of the big four Ernst & Young , Assurance Dep. in the country Syria. It’s been a week and I haven’t been assigned anything from my supervisor. All they ask me to do is reading materials that are not really beneficial for me. None of the materials is applicable on-site. All I’ve been reading for the past week is 10-k and Annual reports of global companies that have been audited before.
I even asked my supervisor if I was going to meet clients or do anything like preparing financial statements or even have an access to the main software that the company uses but she said the company’s policy does not allow interns to do any of the above, and I should continue what I’m doing now for the rest of the program and ask her if I have any question.

I did an internship with the IRS back in the US before, and it was totally different. I had a direct contact with the clients with a supervision by one of the supervisors.

Please, I want to know what exactly goes on in an internship in companies like Ernst & Young and what the interns do specifically.

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