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I'm SO fed up with working In retail... Has anyone else out there had their share of bad experiences as well?

Asked by TheHaight (4394points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve been working at old navy for more than two years as a part time job while going to school. It seems that customers are just getting worse, and I’m getting fed up with it all. Yes, I want to quit but I have great coworker and managers and just love working there. I’ve had a guy call me a “dumb bitch”, someone threaten me to were we had to call the cops, yelling and screaming, over stupid rules that I dont make up!!! And I am pretty close to punching some of them in their faces, (and I am not a violent person at all) Is there Anyone else out there that has been through similar experiences? How have you handled them?


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