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My friend is looking for a webcam to record YouTube videos with at a small budget?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3041points) September 27th, 2010

I am going to have to mention the budget is £20–30 mostly. I am sure he can be persuaded to be pushed up to a maximum of £40 though for decent quality. I am not translating this to dowwars because I know that technology prices are really different across the sea, but I guess if you know a webcam below $50 I can check for prices here.

Basically what his needs is to record YouTube videos at decent quality, and to have a built in mic.

I have done some preliminary research and found a few webcams. I came on here because I do not really have any experience buying webcams as I never have, and have no experience in video/photography at all besides knowing that my mobile phone camera is awful despite being 5MP.

My preliminary investigation found these two candidates, and the second one seemed shady (too good to be true sort of thing):

I am assuming that 720p is enough quality for YouTube. If anyone could show me a video recorded at 720p that would be awesome (or is there no difference to just watching a video at 720p?).

Thanks for the help, and sorry for sounding like an idiot, which I am.

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