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Sardine Received first great answer. Awarded to 14610 users.
Tadpole Received first great question. Awarded to 10156 users.
Jelly-Asker Asked first question. Awarded to 25818 users.
Jelly-Helper Wrote first answer. Awarded to 34298 users.
Guppy Received first message. Awarded to 18668 users.
PB & Jelly Sent first message. Awarded to 8780 users.
Jelly-Friend Followed by another jelly. Awarded to 7575 users.
Jelly Buddy Followed someone. Awarded to 6030 users.
Clownfish Followed by 10 jellies. Awarded to 1433 users.
Eeee eeee eeeee Linked IM account. Awarded to 393 users.
Plank Walker Linked Facebook account. Awarded to 843 users.
Deckhand Reached 100 lurve. Awarded to 4280 users.
Sailor Reached 250 lurve. Awarded to 2830 users.
First-mate Reached 500 lurve. Awarded to 1995 users.
Herman Melville Wrote an answer that got 5 Great Answers. Awarded to 3717 users.
Doubloon Asked a question that got 4 Great Questions. Awarded to 3500 users.
Skin Diver Visited Fluther 10 days in a row. Awarded to 1228 users.
Starfish Get a Great Answer on a new user's question. Awarded to 3496 users.
Rembrandt Upload a profile photo. Awarded to 15211 users.
Autobiographer Fill out all the profile text fields. Awarded to 2938 users.
Mer-Jelly Followed by 50 jellies. Awarded to 464 users.
Skipper Reached 1,000 lurve. Awarded to 1400 users.
Mariner Reached 5,000 lurve. Awarded to 519 users.
Ernest Hemingway Wrote an answer that got 10 Great Answers. Awarded to 1357 users.
Gold Ingot Asked a question that got 7 Great Questions. Awarded to 1323 users.
Colossal Squid Wrote a long (2500+ character) answer that got 5 Great Answers. Awarded to 489 users.
Channel-crosser Visited Fluther 30 days in a row. Awarded to 517 users.
Wayne Greet-zky First to give a new user a Great Question or Great Answer. Awarded to 2311 users.
Whale song Receive 50 messages. Awarded to 865 users.
Davey Jones' Revenge Answer a 6-week old question with a GA. Awarded to 6815 users.
Oliver Twist Answer an orphan that's at least two days old with a Great Answer. Awarded to 214 users.
Exhibitionist Answer a question while at least ten people are observing. Awarded to 1070 users.
Siren Song Followed by 100 jellies. Awarded to 231 users.
Privateer Reached 10,000 lurve. Awarded to 291 users.
Admiral Reached 20,000 lurve. Awarded to 104 users.
Blackbeard Reached 30,000 lurve. Awarded to 41 users.
Titan Reached 40,000 lurve. Awarded to 16 users.
Poseidon Reached 50,000 lurve. Awarded to 5 users.
Jules Verne Wrote an answer that got 20 Great Answers. Awarded to 353 users.
Sunken Treasure Asked a question that got 14 Great Questions. Awarded to 276 users.
Circumnavigator Visited Fluther 90 days in a row. Awarded to 170 users.
Sea-Cheetah Answer a question within three minutes and get at least 3 Great Answers (write at least 150 characters). Awarded to 640 users.
Pilgrim I'd tell you, but the CIA will [REDACTED]. Awarded to 739 users.
Old-timer If I told you, I'd have to kill you. Awarded to 645 users.
Robot Crush These aren't the droids you're looking for... Awarded to 47 users.
Perfecto-fish We'd tell you, but our standards are impossibly high. Awarded to 1151 users.
Cake in the Frizzer It's going to be tough to find everything in this secret volcano lair. Awarded to 262 users.
Feeding Frenzy Do you think you'll live to tell the tale? Awarded to 738 users.
Guacamole Visit the Fluther HQ in person or via mail. Awarded to 28 users.