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Does anyone know or live in the Auburn (AL) area?

Asked by Meme1362000 (61 points ) January 23rd, 2011

I’ll be going to Auburn for grad school in Fall of 2011. As a grad student, I plan on staying off campus. Therefore, it may be hard to really meet people and learn the great places of the areas. Does anyone know the hot spots of the areas?

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Welcome to Fluther! Auburn’s a southern college town of 58,000 people. Perhaps if define what a “hot spot” is to you… Where are you coming to Auburn from?

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You will love it there. Everything is close to campus. Don’t worry about hot spots before you even get there. You’ll meet people and will find your spot. All you have to do is walk out to Toomer’s Corner and start talking to people. It’s friendly and fabulous.

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@BarnacleBill Do you live in Auburn?

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