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What type of Japanese classical orchestration is being used to make this song?

Asked by chk8n (106 points ) April 26th, 2011

If you would, please listen to this:

The first :30 seconds of the song is what I’m searching for. Are there any other kinds?

Thank you so much for helping.

PS: If you can name what instruments are being played—besides the violin, please let me know. I know it’s a flute, but there’s specific name to this flute.

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I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I believe that flute is a shakuhachi. I do not know if there were other traditional Japanese instruments or not.

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I agree with Jake. Might be shakuhachi there at the start of the song. I don’t hear any other Japanese instruments (shamisen, koto) being utilized…just violins and flute.
Honestly, as a flute player, I think it’s possible a ‘regular’ flute (as opposed to shakuhachi or wooden flute) could have be utilized, too..might just be a regular orchestra that played that first 30 seconds.

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I wish I knew and could help you. I will send the link to my son. He’s a grad of Berkeley College of Music in film scoring and performance. Maybe he will know. But thanks through the tears for posting that link. How moving.

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Sounds like traditional Noh music. Maybe the particular “melody” is funereal. Similar can be found in first segment of Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams in which a child witnesses a surrealistic death procession and then is barred from his home.

Noh hayashi ensemble consists of four musicians, also known as the “hayashi-kata”. There are three drummers, which play the shime-daiko, ōtsuzumi (hip drum), and kotsuzumi (shoulder drum) respectively, and a shinobue flautist.

Although it could be shinobue flute [as suggested above] and taiko drum performing a similar funereal segment.

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In last sentence previous post, I meant shakuhachi as said by @hawaii_jake and @geeky_mama but ran out of edit time . . .
shakuhachi flute and taiko drum

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