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Does this happen to you when you yawn?

Asked by Axemusica (9408 points ) May 7th, 2011

I’m not sure what the exact reason is for yawning, but when tired and trying to go to sleep & you yawn, do your eyes water up?

I was thinking of this last night as I was laying in bed and yawning every 5 seconds and water / tears were just flowing. I found it kind of annoying. What purpose does this reaction serve? It doesn’t help in the trying to fall asleep process for me. Does this happen to you? & does anyone know why or what reason this happens for?

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I’ve never had my eyes water no, but I do this little involuntary shake right after a particularly big yawn. What’s all that about? I dunno, why are you asking me?
The wife has been known to throw peanuts at my gob mid yawn. Spoils the sensation somewhat, but it keeps her amused.

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I have had yawn tears in the morning. It helps to wash out the sleep in my eyes.

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I always get yawn tears :( every time.

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You yawn, because you need more oxygen, and when you’re tired you don’t breathe as deep as you should. My eyes gets teary too when I yawn. I don’t know why.

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Yes, my eyes usually always water when I yawn.

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If it’s sleep related yawn [ tiredsoom ] yes

I it’s boredom yawn no

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No, but I tend to hear bells when I yawn

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Yes, I too get yawn tears. And yes, it’s kind of annoying!

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Teary eyes here too, when yawning :-/
It’s quite late & mine are streaming…….

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@Scooby – Go to sleep!

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@tedibear ;-)
I’m going, I’m going Lol…...

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I can’t hear when I’m yawning.

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Yes. Sometimes it is really bad, to the point where it will make my nose run. Then it becomes this vicious sniffle/yawn/crying cycle.

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@Scooby Are you in bed yet? Are you? Hmmm?

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Most definitely yes to yawn tears. I remember being in the 5th or 6th grade. I yawned and my teacher saw me afterwards and asked if I was ok because it looked like I was crying. Oh man. Good times!

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