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Am I the only person on earth who has to do this because of dogs?

Asked by Aster (14914 points ) May 16th, 2011

I have a nice, big office of 10×12. It has 3 big windows on the front of the house so the dogs can not only hear, but see anyone who drives or walks by. The first month I was here someone came by and the dogs barked so loudly that it ruined my ears. That is, I have had tinnitus ever since. So I got some 3M headphones. Each time I hear someone driving by I grab them and put them on before the first bark. If someone rings the doorbell I’m often too late to grab them and my ears ring very loudly that evening. Someone is expected soon so the earphones are on my lap. I got a doggie door which stopped my having to jump up 50 times per day but I have this annoying, rare problem that I would not have were it not for the dogs. Am I the only person who must keep headphones on their desk because of ear damage from dogs do you think? Please don’t suggest training classes for various reasons.

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Why would you not want to hear an obvious and viable solution? I’m going to suggest training classes, anyway.

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Find a reputable trainer in your area.

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If you can’t beat them,join them.
Start barking up the wrong tree! ;)

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Dogs were born to bark.

I now wear hearing aids. If my border collie goes on a barking binge, i just press the buttons and off they go.

Your problem is not this easy. You could wear cotton in your ears or buy you a pair of earplugs like those used at the firing range.

If you have a set of headphones, then do one of the following: either use the heaphones or get rid of the dogs.

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@john65pennington I choose to put the headphones on; then take them off. Then put them on; then…. you get the picture. Too attached to get rid of them, John. I say as my ears ring.
I believe there are a few things in life that bring a person love and laughter but are not worth the price. Don’t flame me; I said love and laughter.

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Astter, I know. We love our border collie. He is a family member and very intelligent. Because of his intelliegence, he gets away with murder in our house. He was hot one night and went into one of our bathrooms and turned on the shower. He was a soaking wet dog, when we returned. His teeth marks were all over the the shower cold and hot handles.

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John, I’m sorry but I find that hard to accept. He was hot and wanted a cool shower. And you didn’t get out a camera if it really happened? \
The stretcher underneath the antique sofa finally fell off, covered with teeth marks. It got so thin from all the chewing it just couldn’t hold on anymore. We have grass and twigs on the floors. Some of the carpeting is ruined. The dog food smells. The neighbors are sick of them peeing on their yards when they get out of the fence.
Gee; but I do love these dogs.

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There’s this super duper bark collar I read the reviews about on before buying, they’ve been worth their weight in gold!

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We used a BarkOff to train our dog not to bark incessantly while outside. There are several review saying it doesn’t work, but it gets 5 stars from us. It is also only about $10 – worth a try. Buy it at Walmart and you can return it if it doesn’t work – they take back anything.

Also, @john65pennington said there were teeth marks on the hot handle, too. I don’t find it hard to believe that a dog can figure out that water comes out of that if you turn this. I doubt he could tweak the temperature, but he could probably get the water flowing.

Were you saying your dogs bring you love and laughter but the are not worth the price?

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the BarkOff didn’t work with these 2. lol the collars that spray a lemon mist work very well but the batteries run out adn they cost about $80 each?? I have those somewhere.

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Either you have to suck it up and carry on the way you have been or tackle the problem from the source. Why are you so against training these dogs? I only ask because this is not the first question from you that has got me thinking that these dogs rule your household whn it should be you ruling your house.

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lol I wouldn’t say they rule the house but they are spoiled. Hard to say. lol

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lol I don’t carry them but they are on my desk.

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omg why would you want to live this way.

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