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Am I too young to be this content?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1796 points ) December 30th, 2011

I feel really strange lately. Like very content with things. Turned 21 and I am finally going where I want to in life. Even with all the struggles I’ve been through and getting past it. I am just oddly happy. It is as if you could throw anything at me now, but it wouldn’t matter. I know where I am going.

I feel like I can stand on my own two feet as a person.Never felt like this before. Have other people felt like this? Am I too young to be sure of myself like this?

I just wanted to add that I am happy with obtaining the goals that I have. However I guess it is like I don’t want to become complacent just because I am in a good place right now. For a lack of better words I’m worried I won’t stay hungry. I want to continue to chase things. Yet I feel lost in that way ,but content where I am right now….

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Being happy does not prevent a person from being goal oriented in any way. As long as you re-assess your goals on a regular basis, you can move on.

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I’m a little removed from my 21st birthday, but I can certainly appreciate (and to some degree I recall) the feeling that you describe. You’re an adult and in control of your life – you have a target and a plan, and you feel powerful. All of which is great.

But not to rain on your parade: :-( – things can change in an instant. And often do. So glory in the peace that you feel now, and revel in your self-empowerment. Cherish these moments, because there will be times in the future when things are not as perfect, and you will want to revisit the memories of TODAY to make those future bad times go better.

Best of luck.

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Just enjoy yourself! As long as you’re happy! Who worries about being too happy? Usually people worry about not being happy.

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Complacency isn’t a requirement. There’s always something new to discover. Be glad you’re happy and look for new things to investigate when you have time. Learning should never stop, if you’re intelligent, and you seem to be.

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Never underestimate the ability for life to go real bad real quick. There are land mines you just haven’t found yet.

Maybe you aren’t trying things that are difficult enough.

You don’t get credit in life for doing the easy stuff.

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@Rock2 Neither do we get credit in life for the hard stuff. Life is, and that is the extent of it.

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That is one belief.

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if you’re happy you;re happy. if you’re content you’re content. if you’re sad you’re sad. what will be shall be. doesnt matter your age

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There is nothing wrong with you being content right now!

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