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Have you ever talked to someone already dead in your dream and was able to express what was in your heart?

Asked by mazingerz88 (17834 points ) August 5th, 2012

Lately, I’ve been dreaming about family who passed away. In the dream, I was not aware they were dead. These loved ones were my grandfather, my two aunts and my dog. Not in the same dream though but separate.

Waking up, I felt some regret not being able to realize I’ve already lost them. That I should have maybe talked to them in the dream. I wasn’t there when they died. Maybe it’s the regret, even guilt that make this feelings of longing to communicate more pronounced.

I wouldn’t mind being able to express myself to them. Say proper goodbyes and all that. Even in a dream. I would be ecstatic if they say something back.

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I talk to the dead when I can. They’re still around. Love.

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Until very recently, I have dreamed about my father, who shot himself in 1980. In thes dreams, I am empurpled with rage and seem to be shouting at him, something I was never brave enough to do in real life.

He did not respond. And mercifully, the dreams have stopped.

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Dad still shows up in my dreams, despite his death 20 years ago. He is just there and doesn’t speak. As for my sister, she turns up in dreams as well. There is interaction, but honestly, I don’t recall if she talks. I’ll keep your question in mind and try to recall what happens when I wake up from a dream like this.

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Yes, frequently. I talk to my Mom and Dad. They passed on nearly 30 years ago.

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Sometimes my father pops in and gives me advise about stuff I am mulling over or conflicted about. Once he advised me to do something to avoid a catastrophe that would have occurred had i not done what he told me to do. And he was right! And his advise was good. He is still watching out for us even though he is physically gone.

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Yes, I had a dream about my sister shortly after she died. I was able to ask her how she felt (she had a very painful disease) and she smiled and said she felt fine. I woke up very relieved.

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When I dream about my deceased loves ones it is painful. In fact, I dream about my sister a lot, and she has been dead for… 15 years, I think. I have never gotten relief from those dreams, but yes, I do often talk to the people that I have lost in this way. I don’t believe that it is anything but my brain, not so much that I’m being “visited,” but I can see how dreams like that could be comforting to others.

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