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Do you or anyone you know use Zoosk, and if so, what is it all about?

Asked by jca (33334 points ) September 9th, 2012

On my FB feed, I see several of my friends use Zoosk. I went to the site to see what it’s about and it says something about the online social love network or something silly and vague.

I don’t go on dating sites at all, so I want to avoid it if it’s for that.

What is Zoosk and what’s it all about, Alfie?

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I’ve never heard of it but I did a bit of googling and yes, it appears to be a dating site.

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It’s a dating site, and it is marketed in a way to appeal to female ideas about casual and fun dating (and by that I don’t mean in a sexy sex NSA way—I mean the opposite.)

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