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Adobe CS6 installation, can somebody out there help me?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6590 points ) 2 months ago

I’ve downloaded the files and everything but now all I need is a serial number to finish everything off and start using the programs because I need them for school as I’ll be taking some classes in distance and I’m a little bit behind. I’ve tried so many serial numbers I’ve found on the internet but none of them works and I’m starting to give up already. Been at it for a whole 2 weeks. Please if you can be of any help, I’d appreciate it very much.

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You should have been given a serial number when you purchased the program.

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I didn’t buy it, just downloaded it through thepiratebay :)

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Yes, that would be illegal. You only get a serial number if you purchase software legally.

Adobe CS6 retailed for about $1200.00

It has been replaced by Adobe Creative Cloud, which is a subscription model at $49.99/mo.

However, as a student, you can get the education discount at for $19.99/mo.

Amazon is still selling the CS6 student version for $400.

Don’t pirate software.

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This site doesn’t offer help on pirating, sorry! You will have to get your help from the PirateBay forum.

I have CS6 btw, and it’s an extremely easy set up, so easy a monkey can do it.

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You can download a 30 day trial from adobe. That should at least get you started on your schoolwork while you figure things out.

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